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Candy Lab Market and Museum

Candy Lab Market and Museum

Setelah Pop up market di acara perdananya “In-Flight Market & Museum”, Market & Museum kembali menghadirkan sebuah konsep retail baru yaitu bazaar dengan sistem kurasi yang dikemas secara tematik, mini exhibition dan activity space bertajuk “Candy Lab Market & Museum”.

Tema “Candy Lab” disuguhkan bukan tanpa alasan pada agenda acara yang jatuh pada awal bulan September, bulan yang dikenal secara internasional dengan sebutan “back-to-school” atau waktunya untuk kembali sekolah bagi para pelajar.

Market & Museum ingin mempersembahkan nuansa laboratorium permen dan gula-gula sebagai latar berbelanja secara tematik dalam cakupan dekorasi, perlengkapan dan properti.

“Kami ingin mengajak main visitors Market & Museum, yang merupakan mahasiswa dan professional muda, untuk bersenang-senang dan sedikit mengingat masa kecilnya dengan mengunjungi Candy Lab gugahan kami…
Bagaimana excited-nya kita semua dengan sesuatu yang manis-manis, dulu dan kini.”

Candy Lab Market & Museum dibuka untuk umum (tanpa biaya masuk) pada kali ini kami Deadseventies Queen akan ikut berpartisipasi,
Hari : Jumat – Minggu, 6 – 8 September 2013
Waktu : 12:00 – 22:00 WIB (Jumat) dan 10:00 – 22:00 WIB (Sabtu – Minggu)
Tempat : Exhibition Hall, Grand Indonesia West Mall Level 5 Jakarta

Rangkaian acara Candy Lab Market & Museum adalah sebagai berikut,
1. Retail Bazaar
78 booth yang berpartisipasi terdiri dari womenswear fashion, menswear fashion, accessories (shoes, bags, jewelries), artworks, souvenirs dan home d├ęcor. Tidak hanya pemain lama yang berasal dari Jakarta, mayoritas tenant Candy Lab Market & Museum merupakan “great finds” berkualitas yang menawarkan kreatifitas dan banyak pilihan belanja yang belum pernah ditemukan di toko retail maupun acara serupa.

2. Food & Beverage Fair
12 booth yang berpartisipasi menjajakan light meal, finger foods, snacks, pastries dan desserts sebagai teman manis selagi maupun setelah berbelanja.

3. Mini Exhibition
Bekerjasama dengan Michael Cools, Fashion Photographer yang akan memamerkan hasil karya fotografi dan Talitha Maranila, Artist yang akan memamerkan hasil karya ilustrasi di entrance acara selama Candy Lab Market & Museum berlangsung.
Karya ilustrasi tersebut dapat dibeli by request langsung kepada Michael Cools (mikeizer44@yahoo.com) dan Talitha Maranila (tal.maranila@gmail.com)

4. Activity Space
a. Beauty Class
Bekerjasama dengan beauty blogger Harumi Sudradjat dari MyTipsCantik.com bagi ± 90 partisipan yang sudah mendaftar pada hari kedua dan ketiga Candy Lab Market & Museum.
Kegiatan ini didukung oleh brand kosmetik asal Korea, Lioele.
b. Dessert Table Decorating Class
Bekerjasama dengan penyelenggara DIY class Little Surprise Projects bagi ± 75 partisipan yang sudah mendaftar pada hari pertama, kedua dan ketiga Candy Lab Market & Museum.


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What's happening

Must Have August 2013 Review


1. Deadseventies Queen Tanktees
These are great shirts,good quality, long-lasting, neither baggy nor obnoxiously tight and  must you have for daily wear.
2. Printing Hat
Accessories with the seasons. This print hat captures a stylish look for spring and summer. Add it your beach wears and all your music-festival festivities. 
3.Denim Jumper
Its hot out and summer is here so this is fabulous denim jumper and look cool. One of our short jumper for a cooler than cool take on the nineties. Everything you need for a hot summer day!
4. Leather Backpack
These leather backpack have made a fashionable comeback.This cool summer leather backpack to safely store your holiday. 
5. Mirror Lens
These sunglasses are the perfect accessory for all summer outfits and will be wearing them all summer long. 
6. Jelly shoes
These fun, fashionable shoes and are oh-so stylish for summer.

So enjoy your holiday <3>

Rabu, 31 Juli 2013

Biography Hana Tajima

Her name is Hana Tajima-Simpson, She's 23, with a Japanese father and English mother. She have a pretty mixed background, both her parents are artists, so she grew up in a really creative environment. She didn't study fashion for that long, and although She's a self-confessed geek she never really got along with formal education.Hana Tajima is a designer and visual artist.  Her blog stylecovered.com fast became a new and unique voice in fashion and is a widely read reference the world over.  

"There is a strange juxtaposition of cultures in my life and I’m constantly looking for that strange beauty in what I design.  There is a side of me obsessed with simplicity and the beauty of the unseen that is very Japanese, and then this rebellious, rather eccentric aspect that is the sum of growing up in England."

With a professional background in fashion, Hana went straight from a design education to starting a womenswear label, MAYSAA, which gained much success both in the UK and internationally.  Notable features and interviews include ELLE Italia, ELLE Canada, Address Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar.

Currently Hana is working with artists and designers such as Okuda Yusai on collaborative fashion projects, and writing for her blog and print publications.  Her photographic work has also been featured in ELLE Italia and many online blogs and journals.

"I love to work in different mediums, and to always keep myself in a position of learning and creating.  There is no difference in the root of the art, it all has the same stem, but it's a wonderful thing to see the divergence in the paths it can take.”
She didn't want to lose her love of designing, so she left the fashion course she was on. It's less of a contradiction than it sounds!


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  Julia Sarr-Jamois is the 23 year old fashion editor for Wonderland magazine. She became the editor in November, 2010 and has since become a fixture amongst the style set during the European fashion weeks. She is known for her perfect afro and unique mixture of denim, color and accessories.
 Julia's first foray into fashion was as a model for Diesel and Fred Perry, however she felt that she needed a more creative career, so delved into styling. She began an internship at I-D magazine after leaving college.
 Her love of vintage fashion stems from her mother's stall at the Brixton market, during the 80s. She confides that most of her favorite denim is from her mother's collection.
 Her work, which typically plays with unexpected clashes of texture and idiom, has featured in a variety of international style publications, including i-D, and has won her commercial clients including Topshop, Moschino Cheap & Chic (who tapped Julia to style their debut London show in spring 2012), Asos, McQ and Sass & Bide.
 Unanimously celebrated for her own personal style and taste, she has curated personal pop-up shops for Topshop in London and New York and is regularly included in the best dressed lists of publications including Vogue US and Vogue Nippon.
  Julia Sarr is a Mezzo-soprano born in Dakar (Senegal) from the Serer ethnic group. As one of the most sought after backing vocalist, she has worked with several prominent artists over the years including Youssou N'Dour and Patrice Larose. Julia launched her singing career based on West Africa’s polyrhythmic signatures rooted in her Serer heritage with Fela Kuti (Fela Anikulapo Kuti) who was a Nigerian multi-instrumentalist musician and composer as well as the pioneer of Afrobeat music. Julia became one of the most sought-after backing vocalist in Paris where she has lived for over twenty years working with artists like Jean-Jacques Goldman, Michel Fugain, MC Solaar, Julio Iglesias and the celebrated Senegalese singer Youssou N’Dour. For several years, Julia Sarr had shared the stage and studio with the Congolese singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer Lokua Kanza. She has also worked with Jean-Claude Petit (the French composer and arranger) singing in a cappella in his score for Raoul Peck's film Lumumba (2010) starring Eriq Ebouaney. After nurturing her solo aspirations and songwriting quietly for years, Julia partnered with Patrice Larose, a flamenco-inspired French guitarist with whom she has released an album titled "Set Luna" (on the No Format! and Universal Jazz labels in Europe and on the boutique label Sunnyside Records in the United States). "Set Luna", from the Wolof language translates to "So I’ve Observed" which they performed in the United States at the Carnegie Hall on 24 October 2005 to great reviews. 

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Designer based with her style in black and white, Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel (lahir dengan nama Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel di Saumur Perancis, 19 Agustus 1883 – meninggal di Paris, Perancis, 10 Januari 1971 pada umur 87 tahun) adalah salah seorang perancang mode revolusioner dan pembuat parfum terkenal di dunia. Salah satu inovasinya yang terkenal adalah parfum Chanel No. 5 yang diluncurkan pada tahun 1932. Angka 5 merupakan angka kesukaan Coco Chanel dan semua koleksi produk terbarunya selalu diluncurkan pada hari kelima dari setiap bulan. Pada tahun 1970, parfum Chanel No. 19 diluncurkan dan nama tersebut diambil dari tanggal kelahirannya. Parfum tersebut adalah parfum pertama yang diberi merek dari nama seorang perancang busana dan mulai saat itu banyak perancang yang mengikuti langkahnya. Pada 10 Januari 1971, Coco Chanel ditemukan meninggal di Hotel Ritz, Paris
Awal popularitas Coco Chanel sebagai seorang perancang busana terjadi pada tahun 1910 ketika dia membuat topi trim kecil yang cocok dikenakan di ruangan terbuka. Topi itu menjadi tren di dunia mode selama hampir setengah abad. Butiknya di Deauville, Perancis menjual berbagai topi, jaket, dan blus "pelaut" yang cocok digunakan di luar ruangan. Pada tahun 1929, hanya wanita kaya yang dapat mengenakan celana panjang. Namun, Chanel mengubah pandangan tentang cara berbusana wanita dan memperkenalkan wanita pada celana panjang dan pakaian olahraga untuk wanita lainnya.
Coco Chanel adalah pencipta little black dress, Chanel No 5 parfum, dan gagasan revolusioner yang bisa menjadi gaya klasik dan kasual. Coco - julukan yang berarti "little pet- dibesarkan di panti asuhan, di mana dia belajar menjahit. Pada tahun 1910 ia mulai menjual topi dari toko sendiri, dan pada tahun 1920-an bisnis fashion-nya telah diperluas untuk mencakup rumah couture, pabrik tekstil sendiri. Coco membuat busana wanita yang tidak kaku dan memperkenalkan kasual, pakaian praktis yang mengusung konsep dari fashion pria yang simpel. Dia adalah orang pertama yang memperkenalkan hitam sebagai warna fashion, serbaguna, semi formal "little black dress" nya menjadi merek dagang Chanel dan standar busana abadi. Selama dan setelah Perang Dunia II popularitas Chanel memudar, dan cintanya berselingkuh dengan seorang perwira Nazi mengirimnya ke dalam bentuk pengasingan di Swiss selama hampir 15 tahun. Dia kembali pada tahun 1954 dan desain nya menjadi beberapa koleksi yang paling populer di dunia barat, terutama di Amerika Serikat. Setelah kematiannya Coco Chanel Perusahaan ini disutradarai oleh desainer Karl Lagerfeld.